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The 2020 season champions league final was 2 days ago and Bayern stole the night in a rather bland match. We were expecting a fierce goal fest and this match was unlike either match. Neymar had one hand holding this European League’s cup and the emotional tear at the end of the game was warranted. It’s surprising that this game was short of a red card as Daniele Orsato was having a field day issuing yellow cards. Here are the game’s highlights. Credits to flashscore

ere are the game's highlights. Credits to Flashscore

There was a lot of emotion after Danielle’s final whistle but a crying Neymar was the most memorable one. Hansi Flick’s team evoked emotion after they previously thrashed Barcelona 8 to 2. The last time Barcelona was subjected to such a feat was back in 1940. A 7 goal loss was unbearable to Vidal and he ended up throwing a tantrum, an event that he got a yellow card for. It was a humbling a time for the GOAT too. Messi was humiliated, bashed and possibly demeaned by Bayern. Alaba’s shoulder to cry on was no consolation for a sobbing Neymar, we could all see his teary eyes as Bayern were lifting the trophy. Here’s a link to the 2020 season champions league results

champions league table 2020/2021 season

Credits Skysports

UEFA Champions League – Group A 2020/21
1Paris Saint-Germain65101721516
2Real Madrid6321148611
3Club Brugge6033412-83
UEFA Champions League – Group B 2020/21
1Bayern Munich66002451918
2Tottenham Hotspur63121814410
3Olympiakos FC6114814-64
4Crvena Zvezda6105320-173
UEFA Champions League – Group C 2020/21
1Manchester City64201641214
3Shakhtar Donetsk6132813-56
4Dinamo Zagreb61231013-35
UEFA Champions League – Group D 2020/21
2Atletico Madrid631285310
3Bayer Leverkusen620459-46
4Lokomotive Moscow6105411-73
UEFA Champions League – Group E 2020/21
3Red Bull Salzburg6213161337
UEFA Champions League – Group F 2020/21
2Borussia Dortmund631288010
3Inter Milan621310917
4Slavia Prague6024410-62
UEFA Champions League – Group G 2020/21
1RB Leipzig6321108211
4Zenit St. Petersburg621379-27
UEFA Champions League – Group H 2020/21

Champions league fixtures

the 2019/2020 FIFA Champions League final was an anti-climax. This season’s final was supposed to see many players that participated in the match get a lot of involvement in their respective national teams but then Corona came. Bayern Munich had qualified by beating Barcelona 8 to 2 in a rather one side match that had us seeing 6 different goal scorers. In fact, one of the two Barcelona’s goal was an own goal.

Mbappe, Neymar and Di Maria all thought they would aid PSG in kicking Hans Flick’s men but it wasn’t destined to be. We all thought that this season’s final would be played in June, just like in last year where Tottenham battled Liverpool. Surprisingly, there was no cooling break in this year’s final as we all anticipated. The game kicked off at 2200 hours Kenyan time. Even though this was late in the night, the only logical reason was that it was 8PM back home (UK) where everyone would be home on time after a busy day of being productive.

This final was held at Estadio de Luz where Benfica train.

How was last season’s (2019) champion’s league final?

In the 2018 season, Liverpool had lost their trophy too Real Madrid in a 2-0 match, salah wasn’t

going to let that happen again this time round. With an early penalty, they had time on their side. They had they game in their lead up to the 87th minute when Origi gave Tottenham a last nail on their coffin

Champions league draw

The champions league was halted in March when the COVID pandemic saw all global sports come to a standstill. What a weird time it was. None of us believed that no European team would lift the season’s trophy. The competition resumed in August; albeit in a tweaked manner. The league picked up from the Round of 16 where it had been stopped. All matches were to be played with no fans in attendance. The usual Corona measures, face masks and all, were in place.

The league picked up with Juventus, Barcelona, Bayern and Man City hosting the first few games. It was then announced that the final would take place in Lisbon and not in Saint Petersburg as we were all expecting. Again, blame COVID.

For the first time in history, football fans in the USA watched the final live on CBS. The exclusive deal that Turner sports had inked with UEFA had just ended.

Champions league predictions

It was weird for fans to consider PSG an underdog, and it would be dishonest stating that they saw it coming. In the last minutes of the game, the cameramen were thirsty for despair shots and there was one on the PSG bench. We expected a game with a generous flow of goals and neither team gave us the action we yearned for.

We didn’t think Neuer would pull a clean sheet either. There were at least three goals to be conceded but he stopped Tuchel’s men right on their tracks with his classic dives. PSG’s eyes were never on the consolation medals they received for being runners up. Perhaps they will use this rage to pull up impossible feats in next seasons league.

How should you have predicted this game?

Disclaimer: hindsight is 20/20.

It was a bittersweet game. Bayern had thrashed my favorite team and I wanted PSG to help me seek vengeance. How should we have reaped from this event? Instead of making the usual 1X2 picks we were used to, two bet slips would have guaranteed us profit in this game.

The first one would have been Bayern to take the cup. I’ve been lowkey supporting Bayern through all their games and I wasn’t going to jump ship in the finals. I had trust in PSG too. My second pick would have been OV 3.5. Both teams had solid striking and were it not for the matched defenders, it would have been a goal fest.

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