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Serie A is the league all the top Italian teams fight for. It kicked off in 1939 and Juventus has taken the most titles since then. Italy is home to the best soccer teams; as a matter of fact, their times have claimed at least 12 major championships. The top 20 teams in Italy play against each other, a total of 38 matches. There’s one home match and one away team match in that round-robin style we’re used to. These matches are played every weekend and you can make the most of 22Bet’s 100% deposit bonus that’s only available on Friday by depositing and claiming this bonus in time for Serie A matches.


Home matches are played in the first half of the season (referred to as andata by the locals) and away matches in the second half of the season the (ritorno). Each win gives the team 3 points, a draw is worth a point and there’s nothing awarded for a loss. The aggregate of the away and home matches is used to reward these points, with away goals carrying more weight than home ones. When two teams have equal points, their goal difference from all the matches of that season is used to separate them. There’s a FIFA clause that when they still tie by goal difference, they’ll play a tie breaker match but I’ve never seen such a situation. The last three teams by points at the end of the league are replaced by the top 3 teams from the relegation league (Serie B). Math has shown that each team is guaranteed a place in the next season’s Serie A league by gaining at least 40 points.

Serie A fixtures

With 124 matches that hadn’t been played before the forced Covid break March this year, Serie A was the most affected league. All these matches had to be scheduled for the next 43 days with multiple events taking place simultaneously. There was only one match on the final day. Juventus wanted to add another win to their 8 seasons winning streak and they were already ahead of Lazio; even though by just one point. Juventus lost the Copa Italia league at the semi-finals stage to Napoli through a penalty shootout. Gattuso ended up taking the Copa Italia cup home this time, just as he had done years ago while playing for AC Milan; talk of being a go getter.

Serie A results

Lazio dipped from 2nd to 4th on the league table when they lost to Juventus 2-1 in a rather rough match. Ronaldo gave Juventus a two-goal advantage and Immobile was Lazio’s only goal scorer that day through a penalty.

Serie a results

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Juventus now had 80 points, 8 points ahead of Atalanta who were second in the league. They had a favourable schedule with Udonese, Cagliari, Roma and Sampodoria yet to be played against.

All the top 4 teams at the end of the season automatically qualify for the Champions league and at this point, it was settled.

serie a standing table

Milan was 6th in the league, just 2 points shy of beating Roma to the 5th position. The 5th, 6th and 7th teams on the league table at the end of the season proceed to the Europa league while the bottom 3 teams are relegated to Serie B.

Serie a standing overall table

The Relegation battle against going to Serie B

Spal was surely destined for Serie B unless they pulled a Houdini, which was unlike considering that they had been on a losing streak. Brescia were in 19th place and they needed nine points to go back to safety (position 17). They would get 12 points if they managed to win all their upcoming matches. Torino was 8 points away from the 18th position and it was unlikely for them to end up in the relegation league at this point.

Genoa were 17th at that time and they would have been relegated had they lost to Sampdoria. They had to win that match.

PRO TIP: High pressure soccer games like this are goal fests and there’s money to be made on the OV 2.5 market. Even with a disallowed goal. This game still ended 2-1 in favor of Genoa.

serie match summery example

Losing this game would mean that Genoa would face the relegation while a win couldn’t be worth more than bragging rights for Sampdoria.

Juventus took the Serie A title by beating Sampdoria 2-0

Ronaldo scored his 31st goal of the season by beautifully curving a free kick that Emil Audero couldn’t see coming. It was game over for the opponents when Bernardeschi scored for Juventus in the second half.

Ronaldo miskicked a penalty in the second half and to be honest, scoring wouldn’t have made him the season’s top scorer as he was already three goals behind Lazio’s Ciro. Inter, Atalanta and Lazio were all having a bad day as they couldn’t seem to keep up with the play after the Covid restart. The season ended with Juventus taking their 36th league title.

This was their 9th winning streak and they shared the same achievement with Celtic and Ludogorets.

Serie A predictions

Lazio had a real chance of breaking the Old Lady’s 8 wins in a row streak at that time. They had only lost 2 games this season and we thought that break had given them mojo. In the last 5 years, teams playing in the Serie A have been focusing on defence. This means that gamblers have been getting even higher odds (spreads) on the GG (both teams to score), OV and anytime goal scorer markets

When Will Serie A return?

The 2020/21 Serie A league Season will kick off on Sept 19th this year, a week earlier than the announced tentative date. The 2020/21 season dates have been announced and here’s what next season’s football calendar looks like (for the curious)

Serie a time table 2020

How do promotions and demotions take place in the Serie A?

The top two teams at the end of the Serie B season secure a slot in the next season’s Serie A league.

Serie B

This means that we’ll see Benevento and Crotone playing in next season’s Serie A.

Here’s the weird part: The 3rd and 8th team in the Serie B league go to a playoff match where the winner becomes the third team to be promoted to Serie A. These three teams will replace the bottom three teams in the Serie A

Serie A top scorer

Ciro Immobile was this season’s top scorer with 5 goals more than Ronaldo.

Serie A top scorers

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