Correct Score Bets Guide

What are correct score bets?

 As the name implies, correct score bets simply means predicting the final outcome of a game before the match begins. It is commonly associated with football (soccer), although it also applies to other sports like baseball and ice-hockey. In tennis, the equivalent to this will be betting on the correct number of sets to be won by a player.

Given how difficult it can be to predict a correct score, its common place to see these kind of betting come with very profitable odds. In all honesty, you would require a bit of ‘luck’ to even get this in the first place. However, there are certain things to put in mind before setting out to predict a correct score.

The thrill that comes with these kind of betting has made it very popular among bettors and if a bettor comes close to striking a strategy that works in this regard, it could literally be a gold mine. In this article, we’ll be putting together all you need to know about the beautiful art of ‘correct scores’.

How do correct score Bets Work?

Correct score bets are quite unique in the sense that their odds are usually among the most exciting by bookmakers, especially when it comes to football. However, you must understand that it a particular score-line for one game might differ in odds for another game. Let’s explain that briefly.

For instance, the odds for  predicting Manchester City to beat Fulham by a 3-0 score-line will surely differ from predicting the same result involving Manchester City and their rivals Manchester United. This is simply because Manchester City would go in as favorites to beat Fulham, hence the part of tipping them to win in the first place is more or less expected to come through.

correct score for Chelsea vs West Brom as seen on Bet9ja
The above image is the correct score for Chelsea vs West Brom as seen on Bet9ja. Notice the odds for Chelsea to win 1-0 at 6.80.

However, it is completely unpredictable in a game like Manchester derby and is a game that can go either way. Getting the correct score right in such a game would be something to be really proud of.

odds for Arsenal vs Liverpool as per Bet9ja
The image above shows the odds for Arsenal vs Liverpool as per Bet9ja. Notice that the odd for anybody to win 1-0 at all is higher than 6.80 above for Chelsea vs West Brom.

There are factors that control how correct score bets work and it would be wise to play these factors to your advantage rather than just making picks for the fun of it.

How to read correct score odds

Basically, you should expect to see an evenly matched game come with odds of somewhere around 6/1 which translates to 7.00 odds in decimal. In the case where there is a favorite, it could be much lower and somewhere around 3/1 which is close to 4.00 odds.

There are some more likely scores that are more probable to come through. We will explain that moving forward in this article. For such score-lines, you can expect that the odds would be way lesser compared to more unlikely results like 4-4, 5-3 or 6-1 just to mention a few.

However, it is still important to do your due diligence regarding what bookmakers are offering for a particular game. After all, the bookies call the shots and it is simply their perception of the game that determines what odds they put out there for customers. Don’t be surprised if one bookie offers 7.00 odds for a 1-0 result and another bookie offers 10 odds or more for the same score-line.

Correct Score Bet Types

Correct score bets is something all bookmakers now have in their arsenal. In plain terms, the reason punters go with these bets is mainly because of the thrill that comes with it. There is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes with getting a correct score bet compared to the basic win, draw and goal market options.

There are different kinds of ‘correct score’ bets options offered by bookmakers and it’s important to be fully conversant with them all before going into this kind of betting.

Correct Score in First Half

In this kind of bet, you are to predict the correct score only after the first half is completed. This will not include the full time result and might see lesser odds as it’s somewhat easier to predict compared to full time. If you know teams that tend to impose themselves on opponents early on, backing them to win after the first half could prove to be a smart option. This is rather popular when there is a favorite and underdog going into a game. A good example would be Ajax taking on FC Emmen in the Eredivisie.

Correct Score in Second Half

In this kind of bet, you are to predict the correct score only after the second half is completed. This will also not include the full time result and only accounts for the second half. This could be rather tricky as second half usually proves to be the most decisive half of the game. In the end, it all depends on knowing the teams involved and their strength/weaknesses before you make your pick.

Anytime Correct Score

For this type, you basically predict a score that could happen at any given period of the game. It doesn’t necessarily have to depend on the full time result. For instance, you can choose to predict Bayern Munich would be leading Werder Bremen by a 2-0 score-line between the 60th-70th minute of the match.

Correct Score after Full Time

This is perhaps the most common and is as simple as it implies. It simply means predicting the final outcome of a football game after 90 minutes. It is the most common type of ‘correct score betting’ and will naturally have the highest odds compared to the others listed above.

‘Any other score’

Sometimes, there could be some mind-blowing results that were not even offered by the bookmakers. To cover for instances like this, the ‘any other score’ option means you’re going for a result that is very very unlikely to come through. For instance, Manchester United recently beat Southampton by a 9-1 score-line. It’s safe to say a good number of bookmakers would not have that among their options. Going with this option would still leave you winning that ticket and this option usually has the best of the best when it comes to odds.

Most Common Football Scores

Without mincing words, 1-0 is about the most common score-line that could come through in any football game. We are not just throwing numbers around but this assumption is based on a good number of games that were taken into consideration.

The Premier League is about the most popular league in the world and we’ll be confirming the above claim based on results from the English top-flight.

Most Common Football Scores example
Taking the last five seasons into consideration, we can see that 1-0 is truly the most common result

Going with draws, the most common result in the Premier League and globally is the 1-1 score-line. How many times have you heard the term ‘sharing the spoils’. The 1-1 is quite peculiar in the sense that it can apply to a favorite and an ‘underdog’ as well as two evenly placed sides.

Still going with wins, the ‘2-1’ score-line is perhaps the next best thing in terms of a win and it’s easy to see why. This mostly accounts for late goals or one team pulling a consolation at some point in the game.

If you like to be risky, the goalless ‘0-0’ score-line has also proven to be popular among punters. This is particularly common between two teams of low quality. However, it’s about the easiest score-line to easily get wrong as well.

You should note that these ‘common’ score-lines would naturally have lesser odds compared to the high-scoring results that are less likely to happen.

Tips & Strategy Advice

In your quest to make picks that are likely to come through, there are some tips and advice you should try to follow.

Know the teams involved: This is perhaps the most important advice to put in mind for correct score betting. As earlier said, the probability of a certain score-line depends on both teams, their style of play, players on the pitch and a whole lot more.

For instance, it would be rather insane to pick a 4-1 prediction in an NPFL match. Why is that? The answer is simply because the NPFL is not known for goals. You can count the number of games that have brought over 2.5 and 3.5 goals over the years. On the flip side, a 4-1 prediction could be valid in the Premier League or Bundesliga. Know the teams accordingly and then you have to do your research next.

Make your research (stats could help): Similar to the above advice, it is important to make research as well. A team might be in form at one venue and woeful elsewhere. For instance, Liverpool once pulled a 68-game unbeaten run at Anfield until it was recently shattered in January 2021. Tipping Liverpool to win big during the time of their unbeaten run would have made sense.

 If a particular team has failed to score in their last five games, how do you suddenly expect them to score three in one match? There is no magic to these things but stats do give us pointers to how a game could play out.

Try not to accumulate: Punters are guilty of this after winning one correct score. For this kind of betting, it is advisable to play out single bets as they give you a higher probability of winning. The probability of predicting the correct score for two games or more in the same ticket is rather low. It’s much safer to go with single tickets and you can spread a number of different selections for the same game if you like.

Don’t pay cash to any tipster: Without putting down professional tipsters, no one can say he has a ‘formula’ for correct bets. Some people parade themselves as insiders and go around selling fixed games to punters who greedily pay in the hopes of winning big. If only you could take time to answer this quick question. If you had a way to know the correct scores of games before they took place, why then would you need to sell it to a bunch of people to make fortune? Why not just put a respectable amount yourself and win big. Well, the answer is simply because they play on people’s desperation to win.

Go with your guts, do your research and you’ll be fine. Part ways with money you can afford to lose on your own terms and not someone swindling you in the process.


Asides the potential of being profitable, there’s a certain fulfillment that comes with getting one score correctly. However, this kind of betting is very spontaneous and you could end up not winning a single one after tons of picks. It is advisable to only put money you can afford to lose in this regard. Most importantly, keep the sentiments in the closet and make the best picks your stats, research and your guts tell you to do. If you manage to pull a winning streak with correct score bets, you could be smiling to the bank.


Do “own goals” count towards correct score bets?

Yes, they actually do. Own goals don’t affect the final outcome of your correct score pick and all that matters is the fact that the ball goes into the back of the net. The only thing that matters is the final score. However, ‘goal-scorer’ bets do not apply in this regard.

Can one place a bet on the correct score for an ongoing game?

You can choose to do this as it is mostly common. However, it depends on the bookmaker and if they have that option available on their sports-book.

Is the correct score betting profitable?

Yes, it is, but it can only be profitable if you actually win in the first place.

Is extra-time included in correct score bets?

Most of the time, extra time is usually not included in correct score bets except it is stated by the bookmaker.

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