How do we find the best betting sites in Kenya?

At Top Bets Kenya, we don’t just share sports predictions. We show you how to calculate odds and margins for bookmakers. This is important when choosing the best bookmaker. If you want to have a fair chance of winning in the long term, you must have statistics and probability on your side. So you should choose the bookmaker with the lowest possible margin. You will not find any offering a 0% margin on odds. This is because bookmakers do not take risks, nor do they want to play against you or rely on luck. The margin is a good thing when you want to earn money. You should try to find a bookmaker with a small possible margin (1 to 5%) or you go to betting exchange where odds show margins in tenths of a percentage (0.1 to 0.8%).

Besides odds, we also check the range of events that bookmakers are offering on their books for the purposes of betting. Football, basketball and tennis are covered by every bookmaker. If you are interested in horse racing, golf or cycling, you should carefully choose an outlet that offers this fuller range of sports.

We also consider how far in advance a bookmaker shows his odds for respective stages in a competition. It could be advantageous to see odds, not just for the current round in a football league, but also for the next round.

But let us repeat the two most important things. The first concerns the quality of odds in terms of the average margin that your bookmaker has. The second concerns the quality of service in terms of the ability to withdraw your money.

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