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The final weeks of the 2019/2020 Premier League season were full of surprises loved by everyone; except Chelsea and Manchester United fans. Leicester and Chelsea were both hammered in the last few games and Manchester united would have faced the same fate hadn’t they secured a late lead against Southampton. With only three matches yet to be played for each team, the pressure was immense. Liverpool were at the top of the league (and it ended this way) and Manchester city at second place with little hope of catching up. The 19-point lead was impossible to close.

The premier league was coming back after a forced Covid break that saw all sporting activities across the globe halt for about three months from mid-March. All players were out of shape, except for Hans Flick’s men and I would have traded a kidney to see Bayern Munich in the Premier League. Only that its exclusive to England Teams. There wasn’t much uncertainty in the final days as we were all sure that Liverpool would take the trophy. The real battle was for the second position with Man City, Chelsea, Leicester and Tottenham all eyeing the first runners up position.

Aston Villa, Watford and Bournemouth were fighting their way out of the bottom three positions as the last two teams would automatically be demoted to the relegation league.

premier league teams

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Premier league 2020/21 predictions

Liverpool stole the Lead from Manchester city last season and my guess is that they’re getting comfy in that position. With the 2020/21 Premier league season kicking off in a few days (Sept 2nd) they won’t see what’s in store for them. In fact, Liverpool is no longer a favourite and everyone knows this except Jurgen Klopp, who’s wondering why Betway is counting on Manchester City winning the premier league.

Betway premier league predictions

Betway thinks that Manchester City will take this season’s cup with their 1.70 odds (spread) and Liverpool will be in second position (3.05 odds) just like it was in the 2018/19 and 2017/18 premier league season; except that Manchester United will be nowhere on the map this time round

Betway premier league standings

This makes sense, there are rumours that Messi is about to sign a €700m contract with Manchester City and this will give them (an unfair?) advantage. They’ve already signed in Koulibaly who ranks third worldwide on the best defenders list. He prefers playing Center Back which has always been Manchester City’s weakness. Now that they’ve sealed this weak point; it will take a miracle to stop them from being at the top of the league this season.

The transfer window is yet to be closed and bookies are still adjusting their spreads accordingly. I expect these odds to change heavily in the last few days. Managers always have an ace in their sleeve and we can never know for sure who they’ll sign in the last minute. Everyone sees Man city taking the 2020/21 season with Liverpool following them closely.

Surprisingly, Leeds are highly undervalued (at 180 odds)

premier league odds

They’ve just been promoted from the relegation league and With Marcelo Bielsa on their side, I don’t expect them to miss in the top 10 positions.

Fantasy Premier League

What kind of manager will you make? You have a limited budget to acquire a 15 man squad. Create your own team just like in the FIFA Ultimate team game. There’s a catch. You can only buy players featuring in the premier league. You cannot have more than three players from the same team; don’ think that you can replicate your favourite team’s formation you clever rat. Points are awarded for each desirable event like your goalkeeper getting a clean sheet, your players scoring, your defenders giving clean tackles etc. there are negative points issued when you’re tackled, receive a booking etc. The captain’s points are doubled, choose your captain wisely. You could even have the captain’s points tripled for a full game week with the triple captain perk (they call them perks here) but you have to be tactical with it.

Pro Tip: Use your triple captain chip on game weeks where your captain features in multiple matches on the same week to reap points heavily.

Here’s a post with our best fantasy premier League hacks you’ll love.

Premier league fixtures

The 2020/21 premier league fixtures have just been released.


Fulham and Arsenal will have the first kick off at 7.30 AM Kenyan Time (isn’t it weird? Blame Covid) On September 2nd next week. You will be able to stream this match live on Showmax pro for the first time ever. This match will be aired on dsTV’s super sport 3 too as you expected. You can still (legally) stream this match for free through your favorite bookie. I have personally confirmed that betway and sportybet will be airing this match. You’ll need to create an account when the time comes. Go to the live streaming events and you’ll find the live stream there. No deposit is required for streaming events with these bookies.

premier league top scorers

Jamie Vardy was last season’s top scorer with 23 points. Liverpool may have taken the cup home but Leicester city had the golden boot. Danny Wings and Aubameyang were close and it was surprising that Liverpool’s top scorer, the Egyptian Salah didn’t feature in the top 3. He was number 5 as Sterling had beaten him with one goal. Salah had taken the golden boot in the 2018/19 season and even though they took the trophy, he was disappointed after failing to defend the golden boot.

premier league top scorers

The Kenyan premier league

The future is uncertain. The Kenya Premier League was halted on the onset of the Corona pandemic and unless the curve flattens, a return this year is unlikely. It was all downhill after sportpesa, the giant betting firm, halted its sponsorship for this league after tax uncertainties. In fact, Sony Sugar were demoted to the relegation league after failing to show up for three consecutive matches due to financial constraints even though they were third on the league table at that time. All the top Kenyan teams together with the FKF are facing it rough with top players demanding release letters over unpaid dues. Talks with possible sponsors are in place but to be honest, I doubt if anything fruitful will come out of this.

The dollar is at all-time high, indicating that the economy is failing

Kanyan Shilling worth

The pandemic has clearly taken its toll on the Kenyan economy.

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