Teasers/Pleasers Bets

In simple terms, Teasers/Pleasers are basically exotic types of bets. These bets are reserved for people who have a core understanding of how betting works and an experience to show for it. For a first-timer, they could seem difficult to understand.

However, if you are someone that is well-grounded in Parlays, then you won’t struggle to understand these types of bets. It would suffice to note that if you had no idea about Parlays before reading this guide, you should read up our guide on Parlays to give you a good head-start.

What are Teasers and Pleasers?

Teasers and Pleasers are two sides of a coin. To understand the other, you have to understand the former. So, let’s take them one at a time.


Teasers are practically parlayed bets that allow you to combine a wide range of games in a bet slip. However, there is a minor distinction between teasers and regular parlays. With teasers, you can shift the point spreads of your games in your favor. Although, this ‘privilege’ you have comes at a cost. For wielding that power to dictate the point spreads, you end up getting lower payouts than you would with other regular parlays.

Teasers are not readily played in all types of sports. Succinctly put, teasers are more placed in the NFL because that’s one sport that it is feasible to shift the spread.

So essentially, Teasers are harnessed to adjust the spread in your favor, to give you a higher chance at winning. For example, if you want to wager on Dallas Cowboys and the regular line is at +7. If you play the Dallas Cowboys at a 6-point teaser, what this connotes is that the new line will be +13. In retrospect, this gives the Dallas Cowboys a larger spread to beat.


On the other hand, Pleasers work a little differently from Teasers. With Pleasers, instead of moving the line in your favor, the line is moved against you between six and 7.5 points for the individual games you have in your bet slip. For example, if the line is -2 and you wager a 6-point pleaser, this implies that the new line will be -8.

You may ask, what do you stand to gain? This is considering the fact that you are relatively putting yourself at a disadvantage. However, what you stand to gain is a bigger payout. And it is important to note that your prediction does not have to be perfect as this option gives you some room for error. So if one event ties in and the other wins, you still earn even money.

Variation of Teasers and Pleasers

Multi-chance Teasers and Pleasers

The Multichance teasers and pleasers don’t work too differently from the regular ones that have been explained above. The only distinction is that you still get to win your bet even if some of your games lose. The main point of concern is that they win within the confines you set.

To put things in perspective, if you bet a six-team teaser and the threshold for winning is four teams, what this implies is that you still get to win the same amount when four, five, or six teams win. So, even if all the teams win and you surpassed the threshold that you’ve set, you don’t get to win any additional winnings.

The good thing about the Multichance teasers and pleasers is that if you have a string of games that spans up to days. Even if the first game falls through, your bet slip will still progress as long as the threshold hasn’t been reached yet. That’s not the case with the regular ones as you would be cut off as soon as the first one loses. So, invariably, your game tends to last for a longer span.

Progressive Teasers and Pleasers

Progressive pleaser is just like the multi-chance teaser. The only difference is that this offers a higher potential payout when the number of games that come through is above your threshold.  For instance, let’s say you get five games instead of four correctly, you get a higher payout. However, for multi-chance, that doesn’t happen because your payout remains the same regardless of how many games above your threshold come through.

This type is fair and you are more advised to tow this path if you are sure that the number of games that will come through is way above your threshold. But if you are not so sure that the number of games that will come through will not surpass the threshold by a large margin, then it’s better to stick with multichannel teasers and pleasers.

Variation of Ties

Different sportsbooks have different ways in which they handle ties. They have different policies governing how they handle ties if such occurs. Here, we will look at three different scenarios in which sportsbooks handle ties on their platform.

Ties Win

In this case, the tie is accounted for as a win. So let’s say you bet on a six-team teaser and one game from the ticket ties while the other five-win, your payout would be the same as you would be for a six-team teaser.

Ties Reduce

In this case, the tie will be counted as null. This means it will not be calculated when calculating your payout. So let’s say you bet a six-teaser and one team draws while the other wins, what this implies is that you’d be paid out as if you made a five-teaser bet.

Tie Lose

As the name implies, with this option you will lose your entire bet if you play a six-team teaser, one tie, and the other five wins. As expected, this option offers the highest payout compared to the tie win and tie reduce option. This is simply because of its difficulty.

You have to decide what works for you and your goal when deciding to pick a tie option. Are you trying to play it very safe? Or you want to go all in and make the most of your winning potentials?

Wong Teasers

If you’re a little familiar with Blackjack, it won’t be so difficult to understand the concept behind Wong. This is an effective strategy that was coined by Stanford Wong. This strategy was coined by Wong to aid people who have an aim to make profitable returns over time with teaser betting. The theory purports that if you make six-point football teasers on favorites of -7.5 to -8.5 and underdogs of +1.5 and +2.5, there is a very slim chance of you losing. At the time, this strategy was so effective that sportsbooks became threatened by it.

 Sportsbooks were paying through their nose because of this top-secret and it almost crippled their businesses. In retrospect, they had to devise different means to block this. So they made it hard to find the right numbers to successfully run this strategy. If they do discover that you have found it, they will work towards restricting your action in the future.

How Much Do Teasers and Pleaser Pay Out?

The payout for teasers and pleasers across various sportsbooks isn’t the same. This is because the odds vary across different sportsbooks. But one thing is consistent for all sportsbooks as far as teasers and leaders are concerned. The odds are dependent on the size of spread adjustment and the number of teams.

Teaser Pay Out

The image below shows the NFL teaser bet odds.

Teasers bets payouts

The numbers at the top of the table represent the points while the numbers on the rows represent the number of teams. From this table, you will see that the higher the number of teams, the higher the odds because the risk level is higher. As the point spread increases, the odds become smaller. This explains all we have been talking about so far.

Please Pay Out

The table below shows the NFL pleaser odds.

please bets payout

This table helps to put things in perspective. It gives you a better understanding of all we have been trying to pass across about pleaser bets.


  • The teasers and leaders give the bettor some form of variety that they can’t get with another type of bet. Not many options give punters the privilege to move the line to how they want it for their gain. It is even a known fact that some sportsbooks tend to offer a wider allowance for the number of points that can be moved.
  • Teasers can be highly profitable. There are some teaser bets that the potential winnings are +1550. Though, these types of teasers/pleasers take time before they come through. However, the moment it comes through would make you feel like you won a lottery. The winnings you get for such a high-paying teaser or pleaser can make up for all the times that your bets didn’t come through.
  • They tend to provide a little cushion for the bettor. If you are a bettor that likes playing it safe, then you’ll do so well with this kind of bet option, because they give allowance for the possibility of error.


  • Teasers and pleasers can be sometimes challenging. They can be pretty deceptive because they easily give off the perception that it is easy to win with them. However, what you may not know is that, like every betting option, it has its challenges. To maintain a certain level of winning streaks, you need to put in the work. You need to dedicate time to collect data, analyze and do a lot of trial and error before you can find your rhythm. But once you do, it can be worth it. This is why teasers/pleasers are not for newbies who are yet to be fully conversant with how betting works and haven’t built that stamina to stay heads on regardless of the outcome.


  • Do your research

Just because these options give you some level of assurance doesn’t mean you should play haphazardly without applying some discretion. You need to make sure you are making the right picks and ensure that the teams you are picking are in their top form. You want to make sure that you are wagering from a confident stance because you are armed with the right information to make the best betting choice.

  • Smarts small

Because of how secure teaser and pleaser bets are always talked about to be, it is understandable if a bettor decides to want to start very big by staking ridiculously high. It is expected to want to stake that high given how small some of the pleaser or teaser odds could be. In the craving to win very big, one could be tempted to stake high. However, it is always safer to start staking with something you can afford to lose. Once you boost your financial budget for betting as a result of your recurring winnings, you can then improve your stake amount.


Are teasers better than parlays?

When you consider how teasers work, whilst giving into consideration how parlays work, it is safe to say teasers are ‘better’ than parlays. However, this is subject to the intent of the bettor. If the bettor is someone that threads carefully when playing, teasers would be considered a better option since it gives some allowance to push the spreads in their favor.
On the other hand, if the bettor is someone that likes taking risks and wants bigger payouts, teasers may not be the best option for them, considering how relatively small the payout for teasers could be.

Can you tease both teams from the same game?

The bookmaker will not allow you to include the two teams from the same game in the same teaser. When you look at it, you will see that their reasons for doing so are justified.

What is a sweetheart teaser?

In this kind of teaser bet, the bettor gets to have additional points on a spread as an exchange for betting a certain amount of teams with a greater amount of money risked.

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