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La liga, also referred to as Spanish Primera División, is the name of the biggest Spanish league. Each season, 20 teams battle for the topmost position in this league while the bottom teams fight to avoid being relegated to the Segunda División. This isn’t just a feat for bragging rights, the top 4 teams automatically qualify for the Champions league; arguably the biggest league in the land. Surprisingly, Real Madrid has taken home more la Liga cups than Barcelona, I thought Barcelona have always been at the top of their game.

ClubTitles Won
Real Madrid33
Atlético Madrid10
Athletic Bilbao8
Real Sociedad2
Real Betis1
Deportivo La Coruña1

La Liga results

Memorable Highlights from last seasons (19/20) league include Real Madrid taking the title for the 34th season and Leganes’s foreshadowed relegation. Messi had a fair share of proud moments but they’ve all been shadowed by the recent 8-2 loss to Bayern. It’s now official, the club has confirmed that Messi made a transfer request. They’re looking for ways to convince him to stay with them but I guess the GOAT needs to prove himself in another club. He’s been playing for Barcelona since he was 14. Messi was looking to get away with a clause in the contract that gives him a free transfer but the manager claims this clause expired.

On the last day of the 2019/2020 la Liga season, there were 10 matches being played and it was at a weird time where a draw for Real Madrid would mean they win.

Betting tip: Know how important this game is to the team you’re betting on. They won’t put up their best game if they don’t have to.

Barcelona beat Alaves 5-0 and even though they still came second to Real, the two goals Messi Scored were a consolation. He made two assists that made him become the best assist player of the season with 21 assists. Messi has been involved in over 1,000 goals and a third of those were classic assists.

Teams stats example

Celta Vigo luckily missed being dropped when they drew against Espanyol already destined for the relegation league. Talk of the crabs in a bucket mentality. The Sevilla vs Valencia match ended with Sevilla winning by one goal. With this win, they would have gotten one point on the same day had Atletico failed to score against Real Sociedad but it just wasn’t meant to be. Real Sociedad qualified for next season’s Europa league when the league ended with them at the sixth place.

la liga predictions

Barcelona lost the cup after coming second to Real Madrid. Real Madrid bagged their 26TH La Liga title in a rather predictable match. They have emerged top place 8 times in the last 11 seasons of   participating in the la liga Spain. We expect that they’ll defend their title this season as they’ve signed Antoine Griezmann on a 5-year contract. Barcelona now has the deadliest striking squad in Spain and for sure their squad is top 5 in Europe.  This season’s starting XI will be interesting. I wonder who’ll start now that they’ve added Griezmann to their already powered up attack line where Suarez, Dembele, Coutinho and Messi steal the show.

Barcelona may make a come back

The 2018/19 spain la liga season hit Real Madrid hard after they finished 3rd to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Both Zidane and Ronaldo had left they during the inter-team transfer window. We also saw Lopetegui and Santiago lose their jobs at the season’s darkest hour. Zidane wasn’t able to salvage something after his reappointment and that’s how they found themselves being 8 points behind Atletico Madrid. I expect Barcelona to pull a similar stunt in the 2020/2021 season.

There will be money to be made in the OV 2.5 market

The Primera division (spain la liga) and Spanish football in general is known to be a goal fest. Expect more goals per match than in the premier league. These teams don’t focus as much on their defence and being fast paced matches; mistakes are bound to happen and chances will be created each second. Gamblers will have an easier time picking high goal matches here than in other leagues.

la liga a top scorers

1Lionel MessiBarcelona25
2Karim BenzemaReal Madrid21
3Gerard MorenoVillarreal18
4Luis SuarezBarcelona16
5Ra£l GarciaAthletic Bilbao15
6Iago AspasCelta Vigo14
 Lucas OcamposSevilla14
8Ante BudimirMallorca13
9Alvaro MorataAtl‚tico Madrid12

Messi was the highest goal scorer of the season with 25 goals as we expected. The 5-0 win over Alaves played a role as the last two goals were from this match. Benzema comes in second with 21 goals and obviously, he was Real Madrid’s top scorer for the season. It pays not to being with Ronaldo on the same team.

Side note: Who’s scored more goals between Ronaldo and Messi?

So far, Ronaldo has scored more goals than Messi in overall. This Juventus top scorer benefits from having featured in two more leagues than Messi. They all have at least 600 goals to their name. Messi has created many more goals than Ronaldo (assists) and this is why he’s the GOAT.

Did you know that Messi’s fastest goal was scored in 2 minutes and 7 seconds from kick off. Barcelona took this early lead against Chelsea when fighting for the Champion’s league cup and it stayed that way till 90. It was one boring game.

la Liga standings table

Spanish La Liga 2019/20
1Real Madrid38269370254587
3Atletico Madrid381816451272470
6Real Sociedad38168145648856
11Athletic Bilbao381312134138351
13Real Valladolid38915143243-1142
15Real Betis381011174860-1241
17Celta Vigo38716153749-1237
19Real Mallorca3896234065-2533

The strangest thing that happened on that night when Real Madrid took the 34th la Liga title wasn’t that there was a computer-generated crowd; or the simulated fans cheering noises. It was that Real Madrid took the trophy. At the start of the season, we would all have bet that they would finish third, at best. Zinedine Zidane had just been re-hired. Age was catching up with top scoerers; Benzema, Modric and Ramos and Ronaldo off to Juventus, we weren’t sure of how they season would turn out.

Real Madrid only had to garner one point from their final game to beat Barcelona to the title and the point wasn’t forthcoming. Barcelona was having it rough too. 2 goals down, they were losing it to Eibar. Even though they managed to pull an impossible 4 goal comeback, they were in a tight space and Real Madrid still ended up winning.

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