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  • live betting
  • Livescore is available at the site.
  • sports available to wager just in the sport category.
  • The sportsbook is not limited to a few sports (football and basketball)
  • No License is found on their site
  • They Claim to have Multiple alternatives available including M-pesa, Airtel money, Mtn, Wallet One, Zapper among others but we were unable to deposit as Kenyans.
  • Only few bonuses and promotions options
  • low jackpot
  • There Ksh in registration
  • Kes 300 miniumum deposit

Bambabet has a wide range of options of games you could bet on including a casino, live betting and virtual sports. I chose to focus a little bit more on sports betting in this particular review because that is the most popular form of waging among Kenyans enthusiasts. They have a jackpot but it’s not one where you get a lumpsum for correctly predicting 10+ matches: Their jackpot is a similar to a physical casino’s jackpot where one lucky winner is chosen randomly. Their color scheme was easy on the eye and you’ll love it too.

BambaBet Jackpot

Bambabet at a glance.

The bookmarker is a fairly new company having been established in the year 2019 and has its offices at Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Salina, Curacao. The bookmarker has presence in several African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Upon logging to the website, you will immediately notice a menu option where one can be able to access all alternatives games and sports of your interests.


  1. The sportsbook is not limited to a few sports (football and basketball) like most betting sites in Kenya. If you can think of any commercialized sport out there, chances are it is also at Bambabet. At the time of writing this review, there were over 30 sports available to wager just in the sport category.
  2. Livescore is available at the site.
  3. Bambabet offers live betting which is very popular with the kenyan market.


  1. Couldn’t find their LICENSE
  2. I found their Kes 300 miniumum deposit to be too restrictive
  3. There is no option of the Kenyan currency while registering. This is likely to discourage new entrants as they may find it a little exclusive.
BambaBet registration currency
  1. The jackpot, though it increases progressively, starts too low and players need to play a lot before the amount becomes attractive. $429 is too low for a jackpot.
  1. The sportsbook has very little incentive to offer its new and loyal players in terms of bonuses and promotions.
  2. They state Multiple alternatives of payments are available including M-pesa, Airtel money, Mtn, Wallet One, Zapper among others but we were unable to deposit as Kenyans when we tried
  3. We couldn’t find License in the site

Payment options

There are multiple payment processors but we can only work with M-Pesa and Airtel Money. You will find it odd that mpesa and airtel money is available but the option of paying in Kenyan currency is missing. Weird!

BambaBet Payment methods options

Customer service

Bambabet has a well laid out homepage with a chatbot that one can use to make any enquiries to the Bambabet team. However, their response time is a little bit wanting as they don’t respond in good time. It’s not the usual live chat you’re used to. This is just an online form that sends them an email. Don’t expect a fast response. This could be improved

BambaBet customer support
BambaBet customer support thank you massage

Quite oddly the sportsbook has a poor social media presence as i tried searching them on facebook and twitter but was unable to find their “official” pages. In this age where every modern betting company has heavy reliance on social media apps to keep in contact with consumers, Bambabet has surely failed its loyal players.

The registration procedure at the bookmarker was relatively easy as a new player only needs to input their number or email coupled with a password to acquire an account with them.

The Bambabet platform

It is really quite simple to navigate the Bambabet website because the games and sports including the live betting categories of sports are clearly laid out in categories. Access to the markets is also easy on the website. Also access to any sports league in the world has been made a lot easy via the categorization available.

BambaBet platform

The bookmarker has no mobile app available yet for its frequent players which is increasingly becoming the norm with international betting companies.

There’s a casino and you’ll find keno games, table games and a lottery. There’s even a live casino where you have a dealer laying out cards instead of working with a random number generator.  As you can see, Bambabet accommodates all types of players and is more of a one stop shop for different types of punters. Furthermore, players can place bets on virtual games such as dog racing that take less than ten minutes to conclude.

Promos and bonuses.

You get a 15% free bet of your last deposit whenever your funds fall below Kes 10. Creative. I’ve never seen such a promo before.

Note that these terms seem to suggest that the bonus is only applicable to the Casino section.

BambaBet promotions T&C

Their graphic hints that it will work in their sports section too

BambaBet promotion

The good

The bookmarker surely is a one stop shop with all its multiple games, sports across all leagues and in almost every country, live sports, keno and virtual sport available to the players.

I loved their match tracker.

BambaBet match tracker

The bad

The Kenyan currency has been excluded as one of the currencies that can be used. Moreover, bonuses and promotions are too little and not very much attractive for new players interested in waging with the sportsbook.

Bonus and promos for loyal punters and frequent users of the sportsbook also not available. Looks like the 15% last deposit bonus is for new players only as it redirects to the sign-up page.

Betting limits

A player can only deposit a minimum of 300 Kes when playing with Bambabet while they can withdraw a minimum of 500 Kes. On the other hand, the maximum amount one can withdraw is set at $ 500.

Quality of odds

Bambabet gives 1.83/1.83 for an equal chance opportunity which I would consider average/below average.

BambaBet odds

Mobile options

The mobile version of their site is smooth. There’s no dedicated app for either platform.

Experience and interaction

I, as a new entrant, found the registration really easy and encountered no difficulties whatsoever. However, upon depositing, I could not locate options of the Kenyan currency which really discouraged me in the process. The website’s UI was quite easy to use, especially the mobile version of it. The markets available to any given game are quite a lot as compared to other sites. This will likely attract seasoned betting gurus who prefer to be more specific on markets.

Bambabet is definitely worth a try because you will never run out of games and sports to place bets on every day of the week 24/7 all year. 

BambaBet betting dashboard

Notice the 1,000+ markets in the premier league games above.


Bambabet has a great interface and it’s unfortunate that we cannot recommend it. There’s no “face” to this brand and they are not licensed anywhere. There are multiple red flags with  a lack of a license being the biggest one. The only “credible” info we have on the bookie is that they’re supposed  to be having offices in Curacao which we all know is a tax haven and they’ll approve any briefcase company. There are inconsistencies throughout the site too. They claim to have multiple payment processors even though only one is working. It looks like you can wager without creating an account. Their live refers to a live casino and not live (in-play) games. No serious bookie would make this mistake.

They do not have social media accounts and we were unable to determine how they handle complaints. Social proof is important to us.

Verdict: Wouldn’t work with them until they’ve fixed these issues. They belong to our do-not-bet with list.


What is Bambabet’s M-Pesa paybill number?

Couldn’t find it either. It looks like they’re still working on M-Pesa. Walletec Uganda was the only available payment processor and it wasn’t working either.

BambaBet WalletTec
BambaBet WalletTec deposit

Why is it that I can’t find live (in-play) sports yet you claim this bookie offers them?

The “live” on the main menu refers to their live casino. Go to sports and you’ll find in play events there.

Bambabet Details

Deposit Methods:
Withdrawal Methods:
2.5 rating

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