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The sportybet jackpot keeps growing and at 6.4 Million shillings for 12 correct predictions, it’s at an all time high. Can you be able to predict the winners of these events and win a prize?
Making soccer predictions isn’t that easy. You need to look at each team’s schedule, look at their performance and the last match they played. Another important factor is the weather. The home advantage tends to be a huge one and that’s why a lot of people think that home ground is the key to success.
Our tipsters have made these predictions based on the most recent statistics, transfer rumors, and most importantly, the team’s form.

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Kick Off01/06/2022 17:00
Total Games12 Games
Jackpot PrizeKes 6,400,000. Bonuses for 10 and 11 correct picks
Jackpot StakeKes 50

11/6/202219:00Ireland – ScotlandDraw 
11/6/202219:00Faroe Islands – LithuaniaDraw 
11/6/202221:30Arsenal de Sarandi – CA BanfieldHome Win 
11/6/202221:45Bosnia & Montenegro – HerzegovinaHome Win 
11/6/202222:00New York. Red Charlotte FC – BullsDraw 
11/6/202222:00Girona – Tenerife CDDraw 
12/6/202201:00Red Bull Cuiaba Esporte Clube MT – Bragantino SPAway Win
12/6/202203:00CR Flamengo SC Internacional RS – RJHome Win 
12/6/202219:00Union de Santa Colon de Santa Fe – FeHome Win 
12/6/202221:30Racing Club CD Godoy Cruz – AvellanedaDraw 
12/6/202222:00New England Sporting Kansas City – RevolutionHome Win 
12/6/202222:00CR Vasco da Gama RJ – Cruzeiro EC MGAway Win

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  • Mwasi Timothy says:

    You are 98%accurate in safe bet prediction. Could you please predict jackpots? And how can one subscribe to your V.I.P/ payable tips if they are 100% accurate?

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