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Euro 2020 Predictions
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EURO 2020 is finally at our doorsteps. Even with the pandemic dawning on us resulting in this tournament being postponed by a year, we finally get the chance to cheer on our favorite Countries as of 11th June 2021. And yes, it will still retain its name as ‘UEFA EURO 2020’. 

It so happens that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the squad size number has been increased from 23 to 26 to reduce the pressure applied on players.

With VAR being the current trend for many leagues and tournaments, this particular one won’t be any different. 

In case of a tie of points during the group stages, criteria including the team with the higher points between the two in their particular match to an extreme of checking the disciplinary levels of the teams among others will be used. 

TopBetsK is going over and beyond to present you accurate predictions for every game including group stages, the KO stage, and the final match. We will walk with you through every game to sup on all the juice of this tournament while giving you a chance to win big on Sports Betting. 

EURO 2020 Group Stage Predictions

There are lots of betting pathways you can take with regards to betting on the Group Stages of the EURO 2020. From betting on group winners, results of individual matches to the top scorer of the groups, this might be perhaps the most intriguing face of 2021. 

Incorporate our accurate tips into your bet slip and increase your chances of walking away with huge money. Besides this, we offer information on all the best betting providers in town as well as bonus offers that are hot and live. You might be lucky to receive a welcome bonus, free bets, free credits and so much more. 

Group A

The group encompasses Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, and Wales. The grounds where group A games will be played have been set; Rome and Baku, with Turkey facing Italy being the first game of the group as well as the ushering event of the competition. TopBetsK pundits are predicting a clean win for the Italians on this match. 

The group features some of the iconic footballers of all time, including Gareth Bale for Wales. However, we strongly believe that this won’t be an odd changer for the teams as we expect competitive play from all of the teams.

Our experts have reasons to believe that Italy will come first in the group with the other three teams having equal chances for securing the second spot with Turkey being our favorites. 

Group B

Being currently in the first place in the FIFA ranking, this group is the most thrilling will the great Belgian team present and our favorites for the group win. Digging into the team strength and match stats, it is clear that Belgium will not demonstrate any signs of weaknesses with us predicting a win for all of their matches in the group stage. 

The number two spot will be a tough seed to bite with Russia and Denmark being equally capable of securing the slot. Both of the teams will seek to maximize their home advantages by securing wins. The two will face each other in Copenhagen where we predict a draw in the match. This means that the second slot could end up being a matter of goal difference between the two teams. Matches will be played at Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen.

Group C

Running down through the different odds for the teams in this group, it is obvious that a lot of betting sites have low hope for the Austrian team with it being given abnormally high odds. Our TopBetsK pundits however have a different perspective on it. 

We believe that Austria has been significantly underestimated with Ukraine overestimated. In fact, on a direct duel between the two, we predict a clean win for the Austrians with David Alaba having a lot to contribute in seeing his team secure the number two slot. 

Netherlands have been having a good time in EURO competitions and things wouldn’t be too different this season. We are predicting a direct group stage win for the Dutch with a couple of their games going OV 1.5 including those faced against Austria and Ukraine. Amsterdam and Bucharest will be the hosts of these games.

Group D

In this group, we have common winning figures namely England and world cup runners-up, Croatia. Either of them will surely secure the first slot based on their stats. The spot might be determined by a direct duel between the two teams at Wembley Stadium. We predict a win for the English side. 

However, since the game will be the first group match for both sides, awkward results aren’t completely out of the context. What is certain for sure is that the Czechs wouldn’t be a walk in the park for the two heavyweights. The matches will be live in London and Glasgow.

Group E

EURO 2020 is pleased to see favorite teams such as Spain get into action. The team hasn’t been meeting up to its expectations from the fans with it being kicked out in the 2018 World Cup where they did not see themselves past the second round not forgetting the EURO 2016 Cup Finals. It, therefore, has something to prove in the UEFA EURO 2020. 

The Spanish team is likely to secure the number one slot in the group stage even though it will have to encounter the defensive teams of Poland and Sweden. Spain will depend fully on the home atmosphere where we predict they will gunner most of their points playing from. 

Either the Poland or Sweden side will take the second slot. There is little to boost one team with regards to the other and so the duel between the two will most probably be the decision for this lot. We predict a win for Poland to give them the second spot, with the World Class striker Robert Lewandowski coming in handy to see this through. The matches were initially scheduled to be played at Bilbao and Dublin before being later changed to Seville and Saint Petersburg.

Group F

Talking of heavyweights in one group, you should keep a keen eye on EURO 2020 Group F which features the World Champions France and the European Champions Germany and Portugal. We strongly believe the Germans will secure the number one slot. They definitely have more to prove after shameful results in the 2018 World Cup and will utilize their glorious home advantage at Munich to see this through. 

Portugal will not have an easy road defending the title. Cristiano Ronaldo might not have the effect he had 4 years ago, and so the Portuguese team might be kicked out in the group stages. We predict a group stage runner-up slot for the French side. All this will go down in Munich and Budapest.

Timelines for the EURO 2020

Fasten up your seat belts because June will be a busy ride full of shear football vigor courtesy of this tournament. The event will be ushered in with a group stage match between Turkey and Italy on 11th June 2021 while the final matches on 23rd June 2021. A few days to rest and then the knock-out stage commences on 26th June 2021. Things will be wrapped up on 11th July 2021 when the tournament’s final will be played. 


Even as other leagues are coming to an end, guess what, UEFA EURO 2020 has got you covered. Enjoy all the amazing and competitive games while reaping some profits from Sports Betting with our insights. Also, you can visit our recommended Sports Betting Sites to get the best odds and promotions for this event. Be sure to also do your research to back up our predictions. 


Will spectators be allowed into the Stadiums where the EURO 2020 matches will be played from?

Only a fraction of the Stadium’s capacity will be allowed to watch the game. This is due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The said fraction will vary from one stadium to another depending on how well their spectator plan is by liaising with their government and health authorities.

How many substitutions are permitted in a single match for the EURO 2020?

Each team will be allowed to make five substitutions. This decision was arrived at by the UEFA Executive Committee in consideration of the COVD-19 pandemic to lessen the load on players.

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