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It all started somewhere. The game is said to have begun 2000 years back (during Jesus’ time) with China, Central America, Greece and Rome all claiming credit; but we all know that it was Europe (England specifically) that made modern foodball what it is. What is the difference between Soccer and football? In Europe, soccer/football is the sport where 22 players run across the field trying to put the spherical ball into each other’s net. Across the Atlantic, this is soccer. Football is their own rugby; but with scary helmets. US soccer teams don’t make it to the big leagues. They made up their own version (American football). Coincidence? I think not. If you can’t beat them, change the game.

Football predictions: Where can you get accurate football predictions?

The beauty with following this sport is that bookies (sportsbooks /betting sites) pay you for all the correct predictions you make by placing a bet. Football betting is an adrenaline-filled activity where correct picks are rewarded. The most accurate predictions usually come from within. There’s no better tipster than that gut feeling. Seriously, trusting a colony of bacteria in your gut to make wagering decisions for you can be a profitable betting strategy. Do you feel that this game will be a fierce match as both teams have talented strikers and weak defenders? Go for the OV market. Of course, bookies use mathematical models when setting spreads (odds) Here are a few tools that give you access to the same data they have.

football bbc

Access UpToDate and trusted football news at the BBC’s website sports section. European soccer leagues are the most followed worldwide and news from home reporters are worth reading. Stay on top of your betting game with the juiciest gossips and hottest rumoured transfers from their gossip section. You’ll always be updated with their football news transfers. There’s a livescore feed embed on their site too where they showcase past, in-play and upcoming games by the date.

Fans of live betting have a lot to gain from this feed. Toggle goal scorers for all the in-play matches.

Football Scores and Fixtures example

PRO TIP: I usually use this feature when betting on in-play games. If a favourite team, like Juventus, is playing and the game is at 2-0 in their favor; and Ronaldo hasn’t scored yet, I know that there’s a third goal somewhere in there. If there’s at least 10 minutes to the game end, I’ll put my money on OV 2.5 goals.

You can also check the premier league table from the same site too.

Premier league table example

football daily mail: Catch the latest football news here

There are hidden gems to be found on this daily’s online platform too. They share soccer news that is relevant to punters. This may be in form of injuries, new signings, possibly new coaches and occasionally, emotional news. Currently, there’s a post on an emotional Neymar.

post on an emotional Neymar.

PSG had just lost the UEFA finals to PSG.

Football 24 livescore (referred to as Futbal24) – the best football live app

This is every gambler’s live score app of choice partially due to its familiar interface and due to its fast updates. Goals are updated by the second. In fact, they at times issue corrections once goals have been revoked through VAR intervention. Football 24 is faster than even cable (DStv) and I get goal notifications before I see them on TV, perfect for live betting where every edge counts.

Access Football 24 on Desktop or on mobile through their app. The mobile app doesn’t use as much bandwidth (bundles) as the website if you’re on areas with no Wi-Fi or on an expensive cellular plan. It has fancy features too like a dark mode. The notifications are customizable too and you can mute notifications for events you don’t care about. There’s a HD version of the app but, to be honest, the only advantage it has over the regular one is in more animations; and they make the app lag.

The Desktop version has audio notifications for goals too and games with new goals get highlighted. This is impressive. Notice the “GOL” tag and the red card icons

"GOL" tag and the red card icons examples

Football prediction sites for today’s and tomorrow’s games

Where can you find accurate football predictions? Don’t take their word for it, prediction sites don’t have a crystal ball that lets them predict future events with great accuracy. But you could leverage their informed opinions for profit. They make educated guesses based on the current team’s form and past matches. The best football prediction sites share picks on games that are at least three days away. Line-ups are released at this period and not many factors would interfere with a game three days away. Also, this is the best time to place bets. Favorites have higher odds at this team before everyone and their grandma puts their money on them.

football 1×2 predictions

The 1×2 market (also referred to as the money line) is the easiest to make cash from. You are betting on a specific team to win. 1 stands for the home team, x a draw and 2 means yore predicting that the away team will take the match. You could even thin out this risk by making a double chance (DC) bet. The DC market has lower risks (and lower returns) than the 1×2 market.

1x means that the game will either end in a draw or with the home team winning; x2 means a draw or an away win while 12 means that either team will win (the match won’t end in a draw)

TIP: In all games, the home team is featured first (1) and they usually have a home advantage; familiar pitch, local fans and no laxity due to travel. However, when they’re playing a a neutral venue, some bookies add an “n” at the end of the event name showing that no one has a home advantage. Take note.

Where can you watch football tv live?

Through Football platforms that let you stream

All the popular Kenyan bookies have FREE livestream for logged in in players. Betika, Betway and sportybet all have this feature. ESPN+ is the most popular premium livestreaming platform.

Cable TV

DStv gives lets you watch live soccer matches on TV with paid subscriptions. There are multiple sports channel and access is limited to the package you’ve subscribed too. The highest package (premium for about Kes 7,300) lets you watch all events they have rights too. GoTV is a “lite” version of DSTV and lets you catch a few matches for a fraction of the cost.

What’s fantasy football

This is popular among soccer circles.

fantasy soccer

 It’s somewhat similar to betting except that you’re doing it for bragging rights. Create the ultimate team by scouting players from different teams before the weekend games kick off. Invite other players to your group. Each save by your goalkeeper earns you extra points. Each goal scored by a player in your team earns you bonus points too.

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