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This is arguably the most professional bookie in Kenya. This company was founded by Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani and he’s the CEO. Nwankwo Kanu, a Nigerian is the brand’s ambassador. This makes sense as the founder is an Indian Citizen and it looks like they needed a local face where their headquarter is located

  • Instant pay-out
  • Free Sports Livestreaming
  • Free Deposits from Kes 250 +
  • Easy online deposit
  • Cash out Feature
  • SportyBet only facilitates deposits and withdrawals through M-Pesa Only
  • Withholding Tax

Sportybet in a glance

Sportybet is without doubt the preferred bookie for most Kenyans especially for live matches. Not many people know that this is a Nigeria-owned bookmarker as they have a strong local presence. New players get up to 1,000 (in FREE bets) when they sign up in form of “Karibu Gifts.” You can place bets through their website or through their Android App. They’re licensed by the BCLB and this makes the brand credible. Players have a peace of mind knowing that the bookie won’t magically lose their bet slip when they happen to win big.

Sportybet registration

There are two ways of registering as a player: Through their website (or mobile app) and by SMS. Registration is fast and easy through either means but I would recommend signing up by SMS. Send “accept”, “bet” or just about anything to 29123 and they’ll create an account for you, with your phone number as the username. Usernames cannot be changed, however. Visit sportybet.com to register through their web portal. Click Register, input your phone number, a password and that’s it. Don’t bother using their “login with Facebook” feature, you’ll still be required to verify your phone number and it’s a waste of time logging in through Facebook in my opinion.

Sporty registration form screen shot

Sportybet Pros

Instant pay-out

I love their instant pay-out feature. Bets are settled as soon as they’re eligible and the funds are credited to your account. If you had had a bet running in the OV/UN 2.5 market and bet that there would be at least three goals in the match, your bet is settled when the third goal is scored. I make the most of this feature in live betting. I’ll bet OV 3.5 on the same game with stake from the previous win; possibly compounding my money. Obviously, you’ll have to wait till the match end for NG, UN XX markets

Free Sports Livestreaming

Sportbety Free sports livestreraming screen shot

Live betting is my cup of tea. With sportybet, you get to stream all the games they’re airing; FREE of charge and without any obligations whatsoever. It’s easier predicting who’ll score first when you’re watching the game. They also show a “match tracker” that lets you see how the game is going without watching it. I find this helpful. (I usually get a mini heart-attack when they state that there’s a “Dangerous Attack” inside the penalty box)

sportybet match tracker screen shot

There’s a statistics tab too that lets you catch on any stats you may have missed on.

Pro Tip: Corners are usually a reliable indicator of a goal. I usually know that there’s a goal nearby when I see many corners. Possession isn’t an indicator of Jack ####. You could have all the possession in the world but you’re not making headway without getting corner kicks.

Free Deposits from Kes 250 +

M-Pesa is the only way to deposit to Sportybet. The usual pay bill transaction charges apply (Kes 22 for all deposits over 100). The company will credit these to your Sportybet account when you deposit Kes 200 and above.

Easy online deposit.

Instead of going the long route of depositing through their Paybill Number (202202), you can just request to top up your account through their Online Deposit. A pop up will show on your phone requiring you to approve the transaction (with your M-Pesa PIN of course) and that’s it.

Cash out Feature

This bookie allows you to cash out placed bets. This gives you an opportunity to jump from a sinking ship. If you had wagered for OV 2.5 goals and there isn’t a single goal in the first half, you could cash out and get something. Granted, you won’t get a substantial portion of your stake back but it’s still better than nothing, right?

Sportybet Cons

SportyBet only facilitates deposits and withdrawals through M-Pesa Only

To be honest, this isn’t a deal breaker as I’m yet to come across a gambler that prefers other payment operators over M-Pesa (and I know many of them)

The Withholding Tax sucks

This is a legal issue with all Bookies and isn’t a challenge specific to Sportybet alone. The company gets to keep a portion of your earnings as tax that is charged by the government.

In this game for example, the selection “OV 2.5 ” had been weighed at 2.25 odds. This means that with a Kes 1,000 stake, I should win Kes 2450. They get to keep a portion of my earnings (Kes 290) as withholding tax and I’ll get Kes 2160.

Sportybet betslip screen shot

Sportybet customer service

I’ve never had to contact their customer support, deposits and withdrawals always go through and I’m genuinely impressed with their platform. They’re quite vocal on social media and almost always respond to queries instantly

sportybet support screen shot

About the Platform

Their site and mobile app and easy to use and I’m certain that you won’t get stuck. However, their quick bet feature is somewhat confusing. When you make multiple picks on the same game, other bookies usually remove your initial pick from the bet slip. Sportybet on the other hand, combines both picks in a very confusing fashion. There’s just too much math (including the withholding tax thing). See for yourself and help me decipher.

sportybet platform screen shot

Sportybet welcome bonus and promotions

New players get up to Kes 1,000 worth of welcome gifts. These gifts usually come with a hundred strings attached. You can’t withdraw these funds, there’s a minimum stake limit for redeeming these gifts, there are odd limits and you cannot use their “boosted odds” feature with these gifts.

These gifts have a full page of terms and conditions attached to them (seriously, here it is) and are rarely worth your time, to be honest.

They randomly give free bets too and these are communicated by SMS. Sportybet has an affiliate program (they call it partner) where they promise up to 20% of the stake for life. It’s worth looking into.

Betting experience

Their site and mobile app have a well thought User Interface to be honest. All the regular bets have a white background while the live bets have a black background. I like to switch between live games and upcoming ones and the different backgrounds come in handy. I always know what game I’m looking at.

Sportybet betting screen shot

They have fair odds too and it’s a shame that the withholding tax thing eats into our potential earnings.

In this Basketball game, the handicap odds are capped at 1.92 and 1.93 for Home and Away respectively. This is quite commendable as other bookies usually offer 1.85 1.85  at best for the same.

Sportybet betting experience 2 screen shot

Sportybet Betting Limits

  1. You cannot place a bet with stakes below Kes 20
  2. You cannot place a bet with stakes exceeding Kes 500,000
  3. Kes 1,000,000 is the maximum pay-out regardless of the odds/stake combo. Sportpesa used to have a maximum pay-out of Kes 1,000,000 too + stake back. If you waged Kes 527, they would pay-out Kes 1,000,000 + 527 and that was amusing.
  4. There’s no pay-out limit in their Jackpot.
  5. There are also other transaction limits imposed by M-Pesa, their preferred payment processor. Highest single transaction is capped at Kes 70,000.  Kes 300,000 is the maximum amount you can transact with M-Pesa on a single day. This was recently raised from Kes 140,000 on the Onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
What sports does Sportybet offer?

All the traditional sports + virtual sports. Not all sports are available for live betting.

Does Sportybet have a Jackpot?

This week’s Jackpot was capped at Kes 5,000,000 predict 12/12 correct games and it’s yours. There are rewards for 10 and 11 correct predictions too. sportybet jackpot screen shot

Does Sportybet have a cash out?


How long do deposits and withdrawals take with Sportybet?

Almost instant

How do you deposit to Sportybet

Paybill 202202

Sportybet Details

Deposit Methods:
Withdrawal Methods:
Withdrawal Limits:
4.5 rating

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