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If you have ever staked your money on any sporting outcome on betting sites or casino games, then chances are you already know the biggest prizes of them all is the jackpot. You win the jackpot and all your financial problems disappear. It’s why it’s loved by every betting fanatic. Heck, You become a millionaire overnight!. In simple terms, the jackpot is the huge cash prize at stake in a game or a lottery. More specifically in sports, the jackpot is the cash prize you win when you accurately predict multiple matches at a go.

What are you waiting for? This could be the huge break you have been waiting for. Be sure to check out the best sport betting jackpots in Kenya in the suggestions below to stand a chance at landing millions.

Types of jackpots.

In both the gaming and sporting market, there are several types of jackpots you can find. Depending on what sparks your interests, these are the several jackpots that are currently available to the Kenyan players and the market in general.

Progressive jackpots

This type of jackpot multiplies by a factor or increases every time the game/jackpot is played but is not won. After reaching a certain cap the jackpot may remain on the same figure until it is won or may be reset back at the discretion of the bookie

Standalone jackpot

This is the kind of jackpot that you predominantly find in the sports betting market where the jackpot prize is fixed at a certain amount whether it is won or not. A good example of this jackpot is the mega jackpot that was very popular with Sportpesa and was on several occasions won by both local punters and the seasoned betting pundits

Standalone progressive jackpot

This is the type of jackpot that is more or less the hybrid of the two. A good example is the Mega jackpot that was a fan favourite during the sportpesa days. This mega jackpot of about 220 million Kes was once won by a young punter from Roysambu.

Betting sites with jackpots in Kenya

All these jackpot cash prizes illustrated below are subject to the 20% tax levied by the Kenyan government. You also need to be logged in to the respective sites to place the bets.

Dafabet Jackpot [Feb 2021 Update]

Dafabet jackpot banner

Their registration process is easy, odds superb but one fact becomes may be confusing to gamblers; the fact that they have more than one jackpot. That’s right!

At Dafabet, you get to enjoy a wide range of jackpot games. It is however difficult to realize this if it’s your first-time betting with them. This information is not provided on their site and only frequent gamblers with the site slowly begin to realize this. Let’s run through the different jackpots and when they are played.

  • Half Time/ Full Time (HT/FT) Jackpot

This is a fascinating jackpot clearly distinct from other betting site jackpots. Here, you are expected to correctly predict the position of only 6 games at half time and at full time. The maximum number of possible outcomes of a single game are 9; that is if the home team is to be represented by H and away team represented by A and draw as D, then the possible outcomes are HH, HX, HA, DH, DD, DA, AA, AD and AH.

The ticket price is set at only KSH 50 for the ultimate prize of KSH 1,000,000. A bonus of KSH 50,000 is issued for 5/6 correct picks. This jackpot gets in motion on Tuesdays but the dates may change, so be on the lookout.

  • Weekend ChapChap

With a ticket of only KSH99, you could walk away with the outrageous KSH 10,000,000 from the Weekend Chap Chap jackpot. You are expected to correctly predict the outcomes of the three-way (1X2) outcomes of 13 games.  And even if you don’t get all of the 13 games correctly, you could still bag their bonuses of KSH 500,000 for 12/13 correct picks and KSH 250,000 for 11/13 correct picks.

This jackpot kicks off on weekends.

  • High Roller Jackpot

With the High Roller Jackpot, English football has its special place at Dafabet. You are to correctly predict the three-way (1X2) outcome of only 10 England matches for the ultimate prize of KSH1,000,000. A bonus of KSH 150,000 is awarded for 9/10 correct picks. The ticket price is only KSH 1,000.

The kick off time of this jackpot depends on the dates of commencement of England Football matches; therefore, it may be midweek or weekends.

  • The Premiership Jackpot

This has to be the easiest jackpot online that I have ever come across. There are 10 games that you have to correctly predict the three-way (1X2) outcomes of each. The interesting bit is that the games aren’t hard at all, not like the classic jackpot events. And just like that, you stand a chance to win KSH 100,000 using a ticket of only KSH 99. A bonus of KSH 15,000 is awarded for 9/10 correct picks. Most events here are form the English Premier League and therefore kick off dates may vary.

1.    Bet254

Bet254 Jackpots

This bookie has not 1 but 2 jackpots you could play in. One is valued at 1,000,000 kes and the other at 500,000 kes. Both jackpots have a ticket price of 5 kes. All you have to do is pick 13 winners in a 1X2 market to win the 1 million jackpot. If you manage to even correctly predict 10 or more matches you can still win some cash prize. The other 500,000 kes jackpot can be won by selecting how many teams will score at least one goal in each match. This is the easiest of the two and you are likely to win this.

2.    Shabiki

Shabiki gives you a shot at a daily jackpot of 1,000,000 kes to correctly predict 7 matches. Worry not because if you manage to predict 2,3,4,5 or 6 games correctly there are cash prizes too. Juicy!. That is not all, if you manage only one correct prediction, you get a free bet! The ticket is priced at 50 kes.

3.    Sportybet

SportyBet Jackpot

This bookmaker awards you 5,000,000 kes for a 12 game jackpot. The market here is the normal 1X2. There are cash prizes for 10 and 11 correct predictions. You will place a stake of 50 kes to stand a chance.

4.    Betlion

BeyLion Jackpot

This bookie has 2 jackpots i.e a midweek jackpot of 15,000,000 kes and a daily jackpot of 200,000 kes. You win the midweek jackpot by accurately predicting 15 matches. But you can still scoop cash prizes for the most correct predictions. The daily jackpot on the other hand is won if you predict 8 matches. The stake here is 20 kes for the daily jackpot while the midweek jackpot stake is 50 kes.

5.    Kwikbet

KwikBet Jackpot

To play the kwikbet jackpot, all you need is a total stake of 50 kes to win 2,000,000 kes by correctly predicting 13 matches.

6.    Chezacash

Chezacash Jackpot

Here is another handsome jackpot of 10,000,000 kes with a ticket prize of only 10 kes. But the catch is that you have to predict a total of 17 matches correctly. You could also opt to use the quick pick feature where the program automatically picks outcomes for your betslip.

7.    Betway

BetWay Jackpots

Betway is yet another giant with flexible mouth watering jackpots where you get to control the amount of stake you place. The jackpot prize will be dependent on the amount of stake you decide to play. The higher the stake, the higher the cash prize. The stakes allowed are 10,25,50 and 95 kes for the prize of 50,000, 125,000, 250,000 and 475,000 kes respectively. There are only 5 games on selection and they look easy to the eye. Be sure to check them out. You will definitely like it.

Betway jackpots also has other jackpots like the pick 13, pick 15 and pick 6 that is usually availed almost every game week including the colossus jackpot which is the biggest of them all at over 100 million kes. At the time drafting this review though, no colossus was available. Visit the site to see what the bookie has in store for you this gameweek!

Betway has by far the best jackpots around and their flexibility is top notch.

8.    Betika

Betika jackpots

Betika has both a midweek and a grand jackpot. The midweek jackpot is valued at 15,000,000 kes consisting of 15 matches to wage on. The stake amount for the midweek jackpot is 15 kes. The grand jackpot value is 100,000,000 kes and players make predictions of 17 matches with a ticket price of 99 kes.

Also there is a ‘sababisha jackpot’ where you could win up to 1,000,000 kes with only 7 or 10 match predictions in the ticket which is priced at 10 kes.

Notable Kenyan Jackpot Winners

Samuel Abisai

He was the first Kenyan to take home the (now defunct) SportPesa’s mega jackpot home. Abisai bagged Kes 221M. There was no withholding tax then. The good old betting days. There were rumours

Samuel Abisai rumors

That Samuel had misappropriated his windfall. However, it looks like these rumors were a strategic way of keeping “friends” from asking for handouts, as his father narrates.

Samuel Abisai rumors 2

In addition to building them a home, Abisai built his father a commercial apartment where they’d be getting passive income from.

Samuel Abisai fathers apartment

Nicholas Kirui who won two jackpots

We’re it not for a late 95th minute goal Nicholas wouldn’t have won the Kes 15M Betika jackpot; and that’s not the most surprising part yet. This was his second time being a jackpot winner. Talk of being lucky. He’d won Kes 8M (bonus) in Sportpesa’s 13 game jackpot last year. Kirui hit the Betika jackpot this June after correctly predicting 15 games. The COVID pandemic isn’t taking a toll on everyone.

Nicholas Kirui who won two jackpots

Gordon Ogada, sportpesa’s Kes 230M winner

Gordon Ogada, sportpesa's Kes 230M winner

Gordon broke Abisai’s record last year. Abisai was there to congratulate him too as he received the dummy cheque.

What would you do after winning the jackpot? Here’s what crazy Kennar (the comedian) would do with his.

Which sportsbook’s jackpot should you go for?

Stake with a company you trust. There are many Kenyan bookies and with all the mainstream ones, you’re sure that they’ll honor their word as they have a reputation to protect. Look at the number of games too. Statistically, its risker predicting multiple events but then the reward grows exponentially. Again, most jackpots are made with stakes of Kes 100 and below. It wouldn’t hurt risking that much for a life changing windfall. I would say that all games featured in the jackpot are hard to predict. Check out what Our tipsters have to say on these matches, here are our last Soccer predictions .

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