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Mastering Mozzartbet Jackpot Predictions

Mozzartbet jackpot is the new trend in the world of sports betting in Kenya. It’s offering players an exciting opportunity to win big with significantly small stakes. Our week’s focus is the Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot. This is a thrilling weekly challenge where predicting 20 matches correctly can have you taking home a whopping 200,000,000 KSH.

Understanding the Mozzartbet Jackpot Basics

In this jackpot, Mozzartbet chooses the games. The range of pairs per ticket sits between 20 as a minimum and 20 as a maximum. Similar to the daily jackpot, players must settle their tickets prior to the kick-off of the first game. With each combination costing a fixed 50 KSH, one can wager on multiple combinations. Each of the combinations is worth 50 KSH. This Mozzartbet jackpot ensures every participant gets a fair share of victory.

Dive Into The Jackpot Games Predictions

In the forthcoming Mozzartbet jackpot, 20 exciting matches are slated to compete. Engaging competitions such as the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga to name a few. They will be providing electrifying matches to bet on. Undoubtedly, these games originating from England, Italy, Germany, and Spain are commanding significant attention.

For instance, take the Premier League match between Tottenham and Brighton on 10th February 2024. With a promising prediction for a home win, it’s one game that has a high probability of turning. the tide in favor of the players. In the Serie A, the Roma vs Inter match on the same day is another game. with a draw prediction that could stir the Mozzartbet jackpot pot.

Maximize Your Mozzartbet Jackpot Wins

With the Mozzartbet jackpot, every prediction matters. The cash prizes for predicting 17, 18, and 19 games correctly are not to be overlooked. Even if you don’t hit the 20-game mark, you still have a chance to walk away with a handsome cash prize. So use your expertise, make your moves, and soon you might be the next winner of the Mozzartbet Super Grand Jackpot!

Our predictions

CompetitionMatchKick OffPrediction
England – Premier Fulham vs Bournemouth10.02.2024 | 18:00hDraw
England – Premier Tottenham vs Brighton10.02.2024 | 18:00hHome Win
England – Premier Wolverhampton vs Brentford10.02.2024 | 18:00hDraw
England – The Championship Blackburn vs Stoke10.02.2024 | 18:00hAway Win
England – The Championship Cardiff vs Preston10.02.2024 | 18:00hDraw
England – The Championship QPR vs Norwich10.02.2024 | 18:00hAway Win
Italy – Serie A Roma vs Inter10.02.2024 | 20:00hDraw
England – Premier Nott.Forest vs Newcastle10.02.2024 | 20:30hAway Win
Germany – 1. Bundesliga Leverkusen vs Bayern10.02.2024 | 20:30hHome Win
Italy – Serie A Sassuolo vs Torino10.02.2024 | 22:45hDraw
Spain – Primera Division Las Palmas vs Valencia10.02.2024 | 23:00hDraw
Spain – Primera Division Getafe vs Celta11.02.2024 | 16:00hDraw
Italy – Serie A Monza vs Verona11.02.2024 | 17:00hAway Win
France – Ligue 1 Toulouse vs Nantes11.02.2024 | 17:00hDraw
France – Ligue 1 Montpellier vs Olympique Lyon11.02.2024 | 19:05hHome Win
England – Premier Aston Villa vs Man.Utd.11.02.2024 | 19:30hAway Win
Italy – Serie A Genoa vs Atalanta11.02.2024 | 20:00hHome Win
Spain – Primera Division Sevilla vs Atl.Madrid11.02.2024 | 20:30hDraw
Italy – Serie A Milan vs Napoli11.02.2024 | 22:45hDraw
France – Ligue 1 Nice vs Monaco11.02.2024 | 22:45hHome Win


Kick Off10th February 2024 1900H
Number of Games20
StakeKes 50
Jackpot PrizeKes 200 Million
Bonus awarded for correct picks0 picks, 17 picks, 18 picks, 19 picks
Kick Off3rd February 2024 1900H
Number of Games20
StakeKes 50
Jackpot PrizeKes 200 Million
Bonus awarded for correct picks0 picks, 17 picks, 18 picks, 19 picks