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4.5 rating
4.3 rating
100% Up to Kes 10,000 Welcome Offer
4.0 rating
Up to 225% Sport Jumbo bonus
4.8 rating
FREE BETS 100% up to 100 kes.
2.0 rating
3.5 rating
2 Jackpots
3.8 rating
4.0 rating
100% first deposit bonus of up to 50 Euros
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Up to 25 Euros free bet upon registration
4.0 rating
25% up to 50 Euros on deposits plus an odd boost of 100% on a multibet.

Best Betting Sites guide in Kenya 2021

Kenya isn’t short of bookies. Don’t we all receive promotional text messages from never-heard-of-before bookies claiming to have the best odds in town? How do you tell real legit sites from the scummy ones? How many frogs should you kiss before finding the price? At Top Bets Kenya, we do the heavy lifting for you, so that you can find the best betting sites in Kenya. We try them out so that you don’t have to. This isn’t your typical bookie review sites. We take our craft of finding the Best Betting Sites guide in Kenya 2021 seriously. Many bookies have failed to pass our stringent review process and they’re in the blacklist; where they belong.

best betting sites in Kenya

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” ~ Alexandra K. Trenfor.

We won’t just share a checklist of what you should look at when reviewing a new bookie. We go through these lists ourselves and come up with conclusive reviews. You shouldn’t have a bad experience with new bookies: This is why we try them out first.

How do you define a “great betting experience”?

In the conventional business world, customer service is key. This is the first thing bettors should consider before visiting any bookie. In traditional brick and mortar casinos, you can visit bookmarkers and have your worries sorted. Online bookies are just virtual casinos that accept real money. Trust is key. Even though they do not handle cash transactions, having a physical presence is confidence inspiring. All half decent bookies have their physical addresses listed on the “about” or “contact us” sections of their site.

They should have a strong social media presence too. When you “like” or “follow” their pages, you’re able to get contact access to fresh news in real-time. If a potential bookie is active on social media, be sure that they’re prompt at responding to customer queries and are that they interact with their bettors regularly.

How do we find the best betting sites in Kenya?

Just because there are a million online betting options hanging out in cyberspace begging you to sign in and upload your hard-earned shillings to their sites doesn’t mean that they are all legit or legal. It’s important that we thoroughly check out a sports betting website before we sign up and start making bets. Here are a variety of criteria we use to figure out which sportsbooks, are the good ones:

  1. Does it have at least two years of positive reputation?
  2. Is it in good standing with the bettors and within its community of sportsbooks?
  3. Is it easy to deposit money? A good sportsbook with provide you with a safe, comfortable way to deposit money, preferably M-Pesa.
  4. Is the payout process effective? A good sportsbook will require you to jump through a few bureaucratic hoops like sending in a copy of your government ID, but it won’t require anything too crazy. After all, it will have hired processing companies to deal with the tricky stuff considering that most of them are offshore.
  5. Are the withdrawals consistent? There will almost always be withdrawal delays, but they should follow a consistent pattern.
  6. Does it offer competitive lines?
  7. Is the customer service accessible and helpful?

We are cautious when books claim to be offering free money or huge bonuses for signing up. Remember what your high school economics teacher said: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The money is never free; there’s always a catch. If you’re just betting for fun, then these bonuses can be fun to play with, but we always read the fine print. It would suck to have accidentally signed over your firstborn child and your pet turtle.

We then make sure the betting company is real. We check whether they have a license to provide gambling services. We seek out testimonials. Nobody wants to send money to a betting outlet only to find out that it is impossible to get the winnings into your account. References, gossips, reviews and people’s opinions on respective betting companies are all over the Internet. We are not lazy – we do our research.

We familiarize ourselves with the terms and conditions that bookmakers have for depositing and withdrawing money as we do not underestimate the effect these can have on your betting career. For example, does the bookmaker only accepts cards or are direct bank transfers into your account accepted. More importantly, how long will it take the bookmaker to return your money? If the bookmaker needs some additional proof of identity when you ask for a drawdown, is there have some kind of threshold or minimum that you could take back home. Do they charge you an additional fee for different methods of depositing or withdrawing money? Usually, M-Pesa transaction charges can be the equivalent of up to 5% of the transaction sum.